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HAD – Overdrive

You say D sound. That’s not a tone. It’s mainly a way of playing.  That transition between clean and crunch sounds, that unique smoothness that requires a proper way of using your pick abilities.

“Dumble” style stuff is not for everyone, But once you find your way through, you’ll  never leave D territories. 

HAD overdrive allows you to obtain that peculiar amp feeling and pack it in your pedalboard or gigbag, like no other stomp  you have played so far.

Where are we based?

I’m a single man operation, devote to best tone possibile.

I’m based in Padova, in north-east of Italy, very close to Euganean hills and one hour by car from Venice. 
I build every single pedal by hands and fully test them under strict specifications. I only use top-notch quality components to ensure the best customer experience possibile, as such carbon comp resistors, Wima capacitors, military grade “manta audio” RV24 potentiometers and sturdy Hammond aluminum cases.


I also offer consultantcy services and design for other brands. If you need a brand new amp or pedal or even at any given stage of your project, I can ensure you the result. 

I’m also involved in Manta Audio, a premium product developer and reseller for tube based guitar amplifier and more! 

Manta audio
Output transformers
Project number 4

Client Testimonials

Andrea Olivato

HAD Overdrive is a serious piece of gear. My Fender Twin never sounded like this.

Gianluca Rocchi

I know Paolo since many years and I can’t wait for more devices from him!

Markus Jones

Love my HAD OD, directly from Italy.  I do think Paolo perfectly nailed the “D sound”.

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